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  • Munzing Rings


    Munzing Rings (Pipe Hangers)

    Code           Description
    MZR15         15mm
    MZR20         20mm
    MZR25         25mm
    MZR32         32mm
    MZR40         40mm
    MZR50         50mm
    MZR65         65mm
    MZR80         80mm
    MZR100       100mm
    MZR125       125mm


    Munzing Rings (Pipe Hangers) Rubber Insulated

    Code            Description
    MZRR15        15mm
    MZRR20        20mm
    MZRR25        25mm
    MZRR32        32mm
    MZRR40        40mm
    MZRR50        50mm
    MZRR65        65mm
    MZRR80        80mm
    MZRR100      100mm
    MZRR150      155mm
    MZRR200      200mm


    Munzing Rings Base Plates

    Code            Description