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  • Pipe Joiners


    Pipe Joiner - PVC

    Code             Description

    PJ3232          32 x 32mm
    PJ4032          40 x 32mm
    PJ4040          40 x 40mm
    PJ5040          50 x 40mm
    PJ5050          50 x 50mm
    PJ8040          80 x 40mm
    PJ8050          80 x 50mm
    PJ8080          80 x 80mm
    PJ10040        100 x 40mm
    PJ10050        100 x 50mm
    PJ10080        100 x 80mm
    PJ100100      100 x 100mm
    PJ150100      150 x 100mm
    PJ200150      200 x 150mm
    PJ200200      200 x 200mm

    Pipe Joiner - PVC to Clay

    Code               Description

    PJ100P100E     100mm x 100mm
    PJ150P150E     150mm x 150mm
    PJ200P200E     200mm x 200mm

    Waste Disposal Flap

    Code             Description


    Dishwasher Connector

    Code             Description


    Pipe Joiner Tees- PVC

    Code             Description

    PJT40            40mm
    PJT50            50mm
    PJT80            80mm
    PJT100          100mm

    Pipe Joiner Elbows - PVC

    Code             Description

    PJE40            40mm
    PJE50            50mm
    PJE80            80mm
    PJE100          100mm

    Pipe Joiner Caps PVC

    Code             Description

    PJC40            40mm
    PJC50            50mm
    PJC80            80mm
    PJC100          100mm